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Clarity & Confidence
for the Toughest
Growth Challenges
of Consumer Brands

We're a group of data scientists laser-focused on predicting where the greatest opportunities are in your omnichannel selling environment... So you can direct your most valuable resources to where they will work the hardest.

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Here's what we do...

Yes, we're total nerds for data.

Analyze & Report

The beginning of a whole new world of insight that you didn't know was there. Harmonizing your disparate data sources into an always-current single source of truth, and enabling your team with on-the-fly decision-driving suites of interactive reporting. This will absolutely change your world. 

Cluster & Segment

Thousands of points of product distribution summarized into a few highly actionable, objective-relevant, clusters. Our machine-learning technology is built specifically to bring order to the chaos of the omni-channel selling environment so you can direct your resources to the areas where they'll have the most impact.

Forecast & Predict

Predicting the future... A mechanism of confidence for the hardest decisions you've got to make. Our forecasting tech uncovers the hidden factors in the success of your business, and how they interact with each other. This is what data scientists live for. It's our SuperBowl... Our World Cup.

Data science technology for

Predicting where your most valuable resource will drive the greatest impact on sales

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We know consumer goods, and we know your omnichannel selling environment

Distributing your product in the omni-channel retail environment brings a unique set of very frustrating challenges, and data is part of that. We're seasoned experts in this, and our tech is built for it.

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Sporting Goods

Data science brings order to the chaos of competing shopper priorities, buyer expectations and trade area makeups. 

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Home & Garden

The product diversity in this environment brings entropy not seen in other environments. We cut our teeth here, we know it inside and out.

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Pet Specialty

The emotion involved in decisions around our pets presents a unique challenge for data and decision-making. Our approach thrives here.



Trade-area differences and consumer preferences drive wild variability in consumption. We'll help you allocate resources to the right places.

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